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How often have you been told…

“Cherish these early years, they pass by so quickly!”

It’s true! These early years of our baby and toddler’s lives pass by in a blink of an eye.

This is why it is so important to invest in getting to know, understand and support your baby or toddler, so you can spend less time feeling exhausted, stressed and frustrated; and spend more time enjoying this sacred and special time with your little family!



 Hi, I’m Jen - A Sleep and Lactation Consultant and Early Parenting Coach that is dedicated to helping you get to know and understand your baby and toddler.

Specialising in baby and toddler sleep, breastfeeding and toddler behaviour and emotions, I help you get to know and understand your baby and toddler so you enjoy everything motherhood has to offer.

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Looking for a place to start mumma?

Download my FREE 'Clean Sleeping' Guide to give you some amazing sleep fundamentals to help you on your way 💕

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Motherhood doesn’t have to be hard and confusing.


Becoming a mother is the only job in the world where we don’t receive formal training, and yet so many mother’s feel ashamed to reach out for help to understand their babe.

There is such a culture out there to put on a brave face and appear as though ‘we have it all together’.

Well guess what, none of us have it all together. I didn’t have it all together after the birth of my first son Max, which is what led me to this very moment, being able to support mum’s during these sacred and fleeting early years of parenting.


If you’re ready to take the next step in being able to love being a Mumma, click below so I can show you how!



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