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I’m an early parenting specialist with a passion to support and guide parents to sync up with their baby and toddler’s flow, particularly when it comes to sleep, feeding and behaviour.


I view things a little bit differently to others…

I don’t see “getting your baby to sleep”, “breastfeeding properly” or “fixing” your child’s behaviour as something that should be categorised as a problem.

Instead, I see it as an opportunity for mothers to get to know and understand their baby or toddler, and lean into the flow of their natural maternal instincts to create a deeper bond.


“My mission is to help parents navigate the unfamiliar world of parenthood, so that they can relish every sacred moment with their babe.”

Here’s a few things I believe…

  • A holistic approach to guiding you through your journey of parenthood. Isolating feeding, from sleeping; or sleeping from toddler behaviour is impossible. It takes a holistic frame of mind to address the hurdles we sometimes face as new parents.

  • Joy in motherhood. Becoming a mother is the most wonderful gift that can be given, but this does not mean that every moment is easy. I value allowing parents to understand there will always be highs and lows in parenthood, and that there is joy to be found in all experiences.

  • Finding flow in parenthood. I believe that parenting is a journey, not a race. We all take time to find our flow in parenthood, and my goal is to guide you in helping to understand your baby and toddler so you can lean into your natural parenting instincts.

  • Accountability. I believe it takes extensive knowledge and education to be able to fully understand and support a baby or toddlers physical, emotional, social and developmental needs. I value caring for parents with clinical know-how fused with holistic action.

  • Impact through education. By inspiring widespread knowledge - and therefore impact - through education, I want to birth a movement of confident, happy and connected new parents. One of the key things new parents lack is knowledge, and most of the time they’re left to simply figure it out on their own. Parenting is the only job in the world where you don’t receive thorough and complete training. I want to help you understand your parenting role, so you can feel confident and relaxed in motherhood.

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Every story starts somewhere, right? So here’s mine….

At the ripe old age of 19, I embarked on my post high school life and decided to take the leap into University, choosing to follow in my mother’s foot steps and become a nurse and midwife.

I completed a Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery, as well as a Masters of Nursing in Child Family and Community. All three degrees have enabled me to work in nursing and maternity wards as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, and in the community as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse.

I was lucky to work in two of the tertiary hospitals in Melbourne, the Royal Women’s Hospital and Mercy Hospital for Women.

I then focussed my attention on working in the community as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse (MCHN), where I was lucky to work for a number of Melbourne-based councils including City of Whittlesea, City of Melbourne and Banyule Council.

While practicing as a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, I also had the opportunity to work as a Sleep Consultant for a Melbourne-based company. I loved working with families helping improve their child’s sleep, that I embarked on broadening my knowledge and skills around sleep science and improving baby and toddler sleep.

I was certified as an Infant and Child Sleep Specialist by the Institute of Sensitive Sleep in 2017. This course is considered “the world’s provider of respectful sleep consultant certification”. For me, it was important for me to understand how to help families improve their child’s sleep utilising techniques that respected and enhanced the parent-child bond, and I was grateful that this course met all my needs. 

To complement my knowledge, I studied to become a Circle of Security® Parenting™ program facilitator, which equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be able to assist families in understanding their children's emotional world and learn how to meet their child's emotional needs.

And finally, I decided to study for and completed the exam to be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), and am a Registered Lactation Consultant. This has complemented the ten years of breastfeeding knowledge and hands on support I have, which allows me to offer specialised lactation support to mum's.

But the story I really want to share with you all is the journey of me becoming a mum.

I gave birth to Max in 2015, after a straightforward pregnancy and birth.

To be honest, I was pretty cocky going into motherhood. I was a midwife and a MCHN, so I thought I totally had it in the bag.

PFFFT! Boy was I wrong. Becoming a mum Blew. My. Mind. I had NO idea what I was going, and experienced the whole gamete of sleep and breastfeeding problems.

And then, I ended up with Postnatal Depression. Thankfully I recovered from this by the time Max was about 5 months old. But gee I feel like I missed out on enjoying those first 5 months, all because I couldn’t understand my babe and find my flow in Motherhood.

But you know what? Sometimes your lowest points are the stop signs you need to lead you in the direction you were born to follow (sorry if that sounds a little too ‘woo woo’!)

My experience lit a fire inside of me. I didn’t want any Mum’s to feel lost like I did. And so I channelled my time and knowledge into creating a support service that could help Mumma’s find their flow in motherhood.

And so the journey led me to here, the birth of Jen Butler | Early Parenting Support.

I want to empower a generation of confident, happy and connected new parents so that they, and their babes, can flourish and thrive during these crucial early years of life.

I would so love to be apart of your parenting journey!