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If you’re stuck trying to improve your baby or toddler’s sleep or you’ve tried sleep training before but haven’t been able to stick with it, I totally understand!

If you’re tired of being tired and fed up with getting such inconsistent advice, you’re not alone.

You want to be able to help your babe sleep without all the stress, you want more sleep and less wakings!

So that’s why I’ve put together this FREE Clean Sleeping Guide, so you can finally start taking the simple steps to improve your babe’s sleep!



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Couldn’t recommend Jen more highly! Reached out to Jen to help with our catnapping baby who was only sleeping on top of one of us! Jen’s gentle approach was perfect for us, The plan was (and is) easy to follow, and our daughter now sleeps in her own cot for her naps during the day, as well as at night! We are getting some sleep again too! Our house is a different place filled with different people, and it is all thanks to Jen!
— Tori and Evelyn
Jen is such a friendly personality and the fact that she is able to tailor her help to your needs cannot be underestimated, every parent and child has differing needs and in comparison to other sleep consultants/programs she takes this into consideration. Jen gave us the confidence in ourselves to promote the best possible sleep for our little boy and ensure we could enjoy parenthood. Her ongoing support and advice has been amazing!!
— Paige and Barney


Hi Mumma! I’m Jen!

And I help Mum’s like you get to know, understand and support their babe so they can love being a mum.

A few years ago I was drowning in my new role of motherhood. I was a Midwife and a Maternal and Child Health Nurse, and yet here I was, with no freaking clue what I was doing!

That was until I began to hone in on my knowledge in the specialised areas of baby and toddler sleep, breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, and toddler-behaviour.

From there, I suddenly understood that there was way to much outdated information out there! And so many mum’s frantically trying to find answers.

Now I teach mum’s the skills needed in these early parenting years, particularly around breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and baby and toddler sleep, and I can’t wait to help you too.

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Download your copy of my FREE Clean Sleeping Guide today!

You will learn about the 3 E’s of Clean Sleeping: environment, emotions and eating; and how each of these areas impact on your babe’s sleep quality.