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 Having a baby is one of the most exciting times of your life!

It can also be one of the most stressful, exhausting and overwhelming times.

Does any of this sound like you?

Your baby or toddler isn’t sleeping well. They’re exhausted, you’re exhausted, and Google jus ain’t giving you the answers.

You’re hoping it’s just another regression, growth spurt or tooth waiting to pop the surface, although it seems to have been going on for way too long.

Perhaps you’re a breastfeeding Mum and wondering why breastfeeding is hurting, or why your supply seems to be dropping.

Or are you at a loss as to how to manage toddler tantrums, melt-downs, toilet training and everything in between?

It’s okay to not have all the answers.

Becoming a parent is the only job where we don’t get given training before we dive into our new job!

It’s okay to ask for help and get clarity.

Do you want to be able to understand and support your babe so you can enjoy these fleeting years?

You’re in the right spot, Mumma!


Becoming a parent is the only job where we don’t get given training before we dive into our new job! It’s okay to ask for help and get clarity.
— Jen Butler


Want to work with me?

  1. Pick Your Service

I can help you understand and support your baby or toddler in the areas of:

  • Sleep and settling

  • Breastfeeding

  • Bottle-feeding

  • Toddler behaviour

  • And all things concerning the early years

We can talk about all of the above during a consultation, or you may choose to focus on one clear area of concern, let’s make these consults work for you!

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2. Choose Your Package


‘Pick My Brain’ Phone Consult

Choose between a 30 or 45-minute phone consult to discuss all your parenting concerns.

Whether you have baby and toddler sleep and settling concerns, breastfeeding or bottle-feeding qualms or questions regarding your toddlers behaviour, these phone consults will allow time to pick my brain so you get all the information you need understand

This package is perfect if you have one or two areas you want to discuss, for example:

  • Cat napping

  • Early Rising

  • Nap transitions (3-2, 2-1, 1 to dropping the nap)

  • Weaning from night-time feeds

  • Feeding (bottle or breastfeeding ) concerns

  • Toilet training

  • Toddler emotions

By the end of your consult, you will feel confident and have clear strategies and recommendations to put into action so you can better understand your baby and toddler.

Included in this package is one follow up email exchange so you have the chance to touch base and have any questions answered to ensure success in overcoming your parenting hurdle!


30-minutes: $95 AUD

45-minutes: $145 AUD


Breastfeeding Consultations

During this 90-minute consult, we dive into all your breastfeeding concerns to create a clear plan and list of actionable strategies to give to ensure you’re feeling confident with breastfeeding. This consult is available via Zoom or home visit*.

This consultation is perfect for Mum’s with any breastfeeding concerns, examples include:

  • Low supply

  • Low weight gain for your breastfed babe

  • Tongue or lip tie concerns

  • Mastitis

  • Twin feeding

  • Nipple thrush

  • Painful feeding

  • Nipple damage

  • Fussiness at the breast


Initial Consult: $ 260 AUD

Follow-up Consult: $ 160 AUD

*Home visit option available for families living in North-East Victoria. $130 flat rate charge added to home visits for mileage and time taken to travel.

*Private health insurance rebates available, please contact your private health fund.

‘Deep Dive’ Sleep Package

This is the ultimate package and my favourite, as I get to work closely with you for 2 weeks to ensure you’re on the path to success!

During the 90-minute consult, we dive deep into all your sleep concerns. You are educated on my ‘Triple C Approach’ to baby and toddler sleep, a clear and easy to follow framework to allow you to understand what impacts baby and toddler sleep so you can always be one step ahead with your babe’s sleep.

Included in this package is a detailed plan containing all the recommendations and strategies discussed during the 90-minute consultation (emailed after the visit) PLUS two weeks of email, text or phone support.

This support period is an invaluable asset to have. Having a coach to touch base with daily to bounce questions, scenarios and concerns off is the recipe for success.

By the end of your support period, you will confident with how to troubleshoot your baby and toddler’s sleep, and have a baby or toddler who is sleeping with ease!

Investment: $ 495 AUD

*Home visit option available for families living in North-East Victoria. $130 flat rate charge added to home visits for mileage and time taken to travel.

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Small Group Workshops

Gather your girl group around Mumma and book in a small group workshop chat!

I will come to the venue of your choice to chat about ANYTHING on your mind, whether it be sleep, feeding, or toddler behaviour.

Prior to our group, I send out a questionnaire designed to allow me to get to know your questions, worries and concerns so I can tailor the group chat to your needs.

During the 90-minute session, you get to ask me anything you need about ways to improve your baby or toddler’s wellbeing.

This group works best when your babe’s are around the same age so everyone leaves with awesome tips and strategies to ease their parenting worries.

Minimum for a group is 6 members.

Investment: $50 p.p

$130 flat rate charge added to small group workshops for mileage and time taken to travel that can be split across group members.


3. Book your time!


If you’re not sure which package is best for you, get in touch with me here so I can help you pick the perfect support level for your needs.