Kind Words

Since working with Jen in a breastfeeding consult, feeds have been so much smoother and a more enjoyable experience. Jen has helped Luna and I improve our positioning and attachment to feed without pain. Jen is super easy going and comfortable to work with; her expertise and experience is evident in chatting with her. If your struggling or thinking it will just get better I highly recommend getting in touch with Jen, you won’t regret it.
— Jess & Luna
Jen was so supportive of me and LISTENED to my concerns about the issues I was having with breastfeeding my baby. A lot of medical professionals are dismissive of tongue ties, but Jen was open and gave me great advice. She went through the options I had and provided me with unbiased information so that I could make an informed decision. Jen is lovely, super knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. Nothing was an issue with Jen. She was so happy to help. I can’t thank Jen enough for putting me and bub on the right path. Because of Jen, I now have a happy, healthy bub, who is now putting on weight and feeding like a boss.
— Toni & Angus
Jen can help you work wonders with your baby! My almost 4 month old was a serious cat napper, which led to grumpy afternoons and frequent night wakings. I asked Jen to come to my house and help me work through the problems we were having. The advice and plan she gave allowed us to have a guide to follow for naps and bedtime. Within 3 weeks our girl is napping for around 2 hours at a time and is much better at settling herself for sleep. I would and have recommended Jen to any mum looking for some guidance.
— Laura & Haddie
Jen was recommended to me by a friend to help me with a cat napping baby. I had a Colicy baby and once the colic resolved at about 12 weeks it was so hard to sort his sleeps out. Jen was wonderful. She really listened to my concerns and how I wanted to parent, and answered my questions and concerns with kindness and no judgement. I’d read a lot about various strategies for good sleep, but I didn’t have the confidence to listen to my baby’s cues and trust my instincts. Jen’s kind and measured approach meant I had a plan o could work with, adapt and use as my base. My little one took a week or two to adjust and has been so good ever since. Even a move from Melbourne to Perth has gone pretty well! I’d highly recommend Jen and will be calling her each time we hit a new phase and we need that guidance!
— Lara & Austin