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In today’s episode, I am chatting about awake times for your baby and toddler, and explaining why they are key to the sleep picture.

  • Awake times describe the recommended period of time your baby or toddler should be awake between naps and bedtime. As you can imagine, the younger the babe, the less awake time your baby has.

  • For every age, there is an ‘average’ for how long your baby or toddler should be awake. I have included a free download with all the average awake time for your babe’s age over on my website.

  • The reason it is so important to respect awake windows is that have an under tired or overtired baby or toddler is disastrous for sleep. Both over and under tired babes can lead to a host of sleep issues such as catnapping, bedtime or nap time refusal, early rising and more! I will do an episode on both over and under tired babe’s in the future, so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a single episode!

  • The important thing to remember with awake times is they are an average, and they don’t take into account variations from child to child. Some babes can tolerate longer awake times while others, less. When I work with clients, we usually start at the average awake time for their child’s age, but then adjust depending on how their babe is going.

  • Anyway, I hope that has helped you to understand why awake windows are an important ingredient to consider in your baby and toddlers sleep picture. See you next week!

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