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In today’s episode, I am talking about baby-led weaning, the pro’s and con’s

  • First of all, let me reiterate, SO many of you wrote that you wished you had more patience and felt less frustrated with your babe. So first up, I want you to understand that with this frustration you are feeling, almost every other mum is totally feeling your jam! You are not alone, and you are not a bad mum for getting wound up.

  • We are all built very differently, this comes down to different personalities! Have you always consider yourself as a chilled out, go with the flow person? Often these personalities innately have more patience. Are you a fiery person? Someone who gets angry, stressed or frustrated easily? I am currently raising my hand! This is 100% me, and as a result, I know I have a shorter fuse than others. This doesn’t make me a bad mum, it just makes me self aware and I know when I am reaching my limit and when to take a break. Understand that you are who you are, and learning when you’re getting to your limits is important.

  • Parenting burnout- everyone talks about burn out when it comes to working, but we seldom hear it in relation to the world of parenting. When you are home, day in day out, dealing with baby and toddler emotions, being a snack bitch, negotiating naps, putting your babe’s emotions above your own, while running a household- it’s no wonder we get burnt out as a parent. Understanding when your cup needs refilling is key to improving your patience and managing your emotions with your babe. You can’t fill from an empty cup, so fill yours!

  • PND and PNA- sometimes there is more going on than just a bit of burn-out. Postnatal depression and anxiety can see mum’s feel anger and frustration a lot easier than they normally would. If you have noticed that you’re a lot angrier or reactive then you usually would, and this seems to be going on longer than just a few off days, I urge you to get in touch with a health professional. Even if you just pick up the phone and call PANDA (perinatal anxiety and depression Australia)

  • And finally, let’s touch a bit upon what to do when you’re feeling as though you’re losing your patience and getting frustrated. Sometimes we feel that we need to stay with our babes at all time, but at the detriment to our own emotions. If you are feeling frustrated, I urge you to remove yourself from the situation, even just for a little bit!! Staying with your crying baby settle or with your tantruming toddler when you’re feeling agitated, frustrated or overwhelmed is a recipe for disaster, and is only going to rub off on your babe and make them more upset. If you are overwhelmed, take a breather away from the chaos and regroup. If someone else is home, ask them to take over. Don’t push through when you aren’t managing. It’s not good for you or your child. And whenever you can, book in some self-care time to get your cup refilled!

Thank you so much for joining me in today's episode, guys. I hope that you enjoyed it. If you did, please head on over to your podcasts streaming app, whether that's Apple or Spotify, and leave me a review. I want this podcast to get to as many ears as possible so that other mums, who might be having the same questions as you can, find a little bit of information to help their parenting journey along. And you know what? While you're over there leaving a review, please feel free to subscribe so you don't miss a single one of my episodes and don't forget to hit me up on my socials, Facebook and Instagram @jenbutlerearlyparenting. Can't wait to bring you your next episode. I'll see you back here again then.

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