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Episode 4 | Toddler Versus Bedtime



Hello, welcome to episode four of the early parenting podcast.

So, toddlers and bedtime. Those two words, hmm, might strike a little bit of anxiety in parents of toddlers. I can vouch for having two toddlers, well one preschooler, but man, oh man, can bedtime be hard work. So today I am going to be sharing my top tips on making bedtime a little bit easier for you and your toddler.

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Okay, let's get stuck into these amazing tips that I'm going to share today.

Tip number one: start a positive bedtime routine. I'll be doing an episode solely on what a positive bedtime routine looks like in the future, but a quick breakdown of what you're looking for is to have a series of steps that you repeat every single night that help to signify that bedtime is coming. So for example, in our household, it looks something like, dinner into a bath, into some jammies, having some milk from a sippy cup, books and into bed. Having a set of steps that your toddler is used to following every single night is going to mean that they are getting ready and winding down for bed, and it helps to prepare and get ready for sleep.

Tip number two: use alarms or timers or something similar to signify the change in activity. So this is something that I love. I had a series of alarms set on my phone, around the bedtime period, to help signify when we moved on to the next activity. So it's quite funny because I, my alarm goes off around six PM and it's called bedtime block, and the alarm goes off and literally my two year old will call out "bedtime block." So, even he knows and realizes that that sounds signifies the start of the wind-down routine, or the positive bedtime routine. I then have another alarm to signify when it's time to go into their room for books. And what this helps to do, it helps to keep me on track and it helps the boys to understand that when the alarm chimes that it's time to move on to the next activity. And it certainly works for us in helping to move bedtime along at night.

Tip number three: try to prevent over tiredness. The overtired toddler is a crazy toddler. More often than not, it actually seems like they've got this second wind, and so it luls you into this false sense of security that they've actually got more energy and that they could actually stay up longer. But let me assure you that the longer you move past this hyperactivity, the harder it is going to be to wind your toddler down. So respect their awake times, understand that they do need an earlier bedtime than you and I, and try and get them into bed at a reasonable time to prevent over tiredness. Trust me, it will make bedtimes so much easier.

And tip number four: tell your toddler what's coming next. So like the alarms, when you're in the middle of an activity, whether it's dinner time, whether it's bath time, let your toddler know that the change in activity is coming. So as dinners finishing, let them know "Okay kids, after we finish dinner, we are heading into the bath." Have the bath already run so that there's not that delay. When you finish with the bath, then it's about saying "All right, jammies on and then we're gonna have some milk." Give them pre warning and let them know what's coming next. Toddlers love to know what's happening, like we all do, we like to know the sequential flow and what's happening in our day. So help them with that by giving them direction about what's coming next before you have to do it.

And my final tip, call for final round offers. So what I mean by that is offer those last minute things that your toddler often asks for to try and delay bedtime. So I'm looking at you "toilet time", "more milk", "another book", whatever it is, whatever you want to set in terms of the rules around boundaries at bed, be specific, be clear, set them and follow through and do that final call, so in those last 10 minutes before you're about to go to bed, let them know that this is their last chance and that you won't be offering it any more after the final round. Again, it's all just about setting these rules and boundaries and letting your toddler know that you mean business when you say it.

Anyway, I hope that you've enjoyed those tips and that you are able to put them into use and find them useful. I would love to hear from you if any of these tips do work for you or your toddler or if you're already doing something like this, head on over to my socials and pop me a DM or share your story in a post or a story. I love to hear other parent's experiences. I'll be back next week with another brand new episode, so make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss a single episode and I'll catch you then. See Ya.

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