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Hello and welcome to The Early Parenting Podcast. Before I dive into all the amazing topics that we're going to cover in this podcast, I thought that you should probably find out a little bit about your host, a.k.a me, Jen Butler.

So who the heck am I to be on here talking about all things birth to four years? Well, I feel ideally positioned to be giving you the down-low on the early years.

Now, I don't want to bore you by reciting my C.V, but to give you a super brief rundown, I'm a Registered Nurse and Midwife, Maternal and Child Health Nurse, Lactation Consultant, a Sleep consultant and a Circle of Security Parenting Program facilitator.

So all of these may sound like a bunch of words to you, but what it means is that I'm going to be able to bring you evidence-based and practical parenting information, tips, tricks, and how-to's on all things baby and toddler.

Now to add to the mix, I'm also a mother of two young boys. Their names are Max and Ted. Max is my eldest, and he's four at the time of recording this podcast. He was the reason I wanted to support new parents in early parenthood.

So prior to his birth, I was already working as a midwife and maternal and child health nurse. And to be honest, with these credentials, I was pretty damn cocky and very confident about becoming a mum because I thought I've got all this extra knowledge, like, I am going to kill it.

Ha. Uh, how wrong I was. It wasn't an easy run with Max. I had breastfeeding problems; I had sleep issues, I had postnatal depression, and I had so many worries and fears.

And I actually remember thinking to myself, if I feel this lost despite all the extra knowledge and training I have, how the heck would all the other mum's out there be feeling?

But you know what? My experience lit a spark in me and a burning desire, I wanted to help other mums not to feel as lost and confused as I did.

And so birthed my third child, Jen Butler Early Parenting Support. I have a private consulting business that offers breastfeeding support, baby and toddler sleep support, education and advice around toddler emotions and behaviour and consulting around all things in the early parenting years.

I exist to help mum's sync-up with their baby and toddlers flow so that you can find joy and confidence in the journey.

Okay, so what can you expect from this podcast? Well, each week I will be dropping bite-sized, toddler-friendly episodes on a variety of topics.

I plan to cover everything relevant to the early years, and nothing is going to be untouched people!

So I'm talking from newborn sleep to toilet training, breastfeeding to introducing solids, toddler tantrums to understanding baby and toddler development and growth.

I want this to be your one-stop-shop for all things early parenting, although quick disclaimer here, the advice I offer on this podcast is of a general nature and it certainly doesn't replace the advice and review of your trusted medical professional.

Make sure you're still consulting with your pediatrician, your maternal and child health nurse, and everyone who is able to look at your baby and give you personalised advice.

Anyway, enough from me, let's get into all the fantastic topics I want to cover!

But quickly before I finish up, I want you to do me a huge favour. I'm wondering if you can head over to whatever podcast streaming device you're using and leave me a review? Your thoughts and kind word help this podcast reach the ears of more mums that need these tips and tricks to allow them to enjoy this crazy ride called motherhood.

So, I would love it if you could pop me a review, and if you're listening to the podcast in the first two weeks of launch, I'm actually going to be running a little competition. Anyone who leaves me a review or shares my podcast on their social media will go into the draw to win a one-hour consultation with yours truly.

If you're on your socials, make sure to tag me @jenbutlerearlyparenting, and follow me while you're over there!

And don't forget to hit subscribe when you're listening, so you don't miss a single episode!

Okie doke, let's dive in. I'm so excited to start sharing all of my tips and tricks with you. See you in the next episode!


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