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 Do you ever feel like you’re overwhelmed in motherhood? You are constantly Googling things like ‘how to get my baby to sleep’ or ‘is my baby getting enough to drink?’, or maybe it’s around your toddler’s behaviour and you’re wondering how to stop my toddler biting, hitting or pinching?

What you really want is to truly understand what your baby or toddler needs from you. Being a mum is so damn overwhelming and exhausting at times, no one really knows what the heck they’re doing, and there is SO much conflicting advice!

I used to struggle with it too - before I specialised in baby and toddler sleep and settling, breastfeeding support and toddler behaviour, I felt SO lost in the world of motherhood! And to be honest, it affected my enjoyment of being a Mumma.

I don’t want anyone else to feel the way I did, which is why my passion is to support you in getting to know, understand and support your baby and toddler so you can love being a mum!

Since working with Jen in a breastfeeding consult, feeds have been so much smoother and a more enjoyable experience. Jen has helped Luna and I improve our positioning and attachment to feed without pain. Jen is super easy going and comfortable to work with; her expertise and experience is evident in chatting with her. If your struggling or thinking it will just get better I highly recommend getting in touch with Jen, you won’t regret it.
— Jess & Luna
Jen can help you work wonders with your baby! My almost 4 month old was a serious cat napper, which led to grumpy afternoons and frequent night wakings. I asked Jen to come to my house and help me work through the problems we were having. The advice and plan she gave allowed us to have a guide to follow for naps and bedtime. Within 3 weeks our girl is napping for around 2 hours at a time and is much better at settling herself for sleep. I would and have recommended Jen to any mum looking for some guidance.
— Laura & Haddie


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Invest in enjoying motherhood!


In the world of being a Mum, I don’t see “getting your baby or toddler to sleep” or “learning to breastfeed” as something that should be catergorised as a problem. Instead, I see it as an opportunity for Mumma’s to get to know and understand their babe, and lean into the flow of their natural maternal instincts to create a deeper bond.

Explore my 1:1 on consulting options to find out how I can support you and your family to become a confident, happy and connected parent!


Breastfeeding 101

Investment: $260

Almost every single Mumma struggles learning the art of breastfeeding . It is the most natural way to feed your babe, but it is one of the hardest parenting skills to learn

This consultation offers 90-minutes to explore everything you need to know to manage breastfeeding and master the art of breastfeeding. Exploring correct positioning and attachment techniques (utilising the HOT [hands-off technique], discussion around how to establish and maintain an adbundant supply, how to troubleshoot common breastfeeding issues and more

Offering 1 week of follow-up support plus a summary feeding plan entailing all the tips and strategies recommended throughout our consult to help you get the hang of breastfeeding and meet your feeding goals

The consultation includes a review of your babe's health and development, including a physical examination to determine any physical factors impacting how your babe is feeding

Private Health Rebates available*

Deep Dive Package

Investment: $495

Unique to any other baby and toddler support available to mums, my 'Deep Dive' signature package allows you to get to know, understand and support your baby or toddler so you can enjoy everything motherhood has to offer

This consultation offers 90-minutes to explore areas including your baby or toddlers feeding (breast, bottle and solids), a health and developmental assessment, a comprehensive sleep and settling assessment using my unique Triple C Framework © , assessment and consideration of maternal health and wellbeing, and SO much more

Offering 2 weeks of follow-up support* plus a comprhensive written plan entailing all the tips and strategies recommended throughout our consult to help you put your new found skills, tools and knowledge into action!

** Fortnightly payment options available: or 3 x $170 fortnightly payments

Let's Chat Consult

Starting at $95

Have you got a few questions on your mind that you want gain clarity on? If so, this is the perfect package for you. Let's Chat for 30 or 45-minutes depending on how much you have to cover!

Whether you want to gain clarity on breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or solids concerns, or chat about some issues your having with your babe's sleep or behaviour , Let's Chat Mumma offers the space to learn what you need to feel confident in motherhood.

The 30-minute phone call is priced at $95 and the 45-minute phone call is $145. Following the phone consult, you also have 1 follow-up email you can use for any further questions that may pop up from our chat

Follow up text or email support is available as an add on if you'd like closer support in seeing through the tailored and personalised tips, advice and strategies discussed in our consult




Breastfeeding 101

My most comprehensive breastfeeding consultation. Feel empowered and inspired to learn the art of breastfeeding and meet your breastfeeding goals!

What’s included?

  • 60-minute breastfeeding consultation via Zoom, home visit* or at Aspire Options (Nathalia, VIC)

  • During the consultation, I observe your breastfeeding positioning and attachment and offer gentle support and guidance using the H.O.T technique (hands-off technique) so you feel empowered and skilled to breastfeed your baby.

  • We discuss in detail all the breastfeeding questions and concerns you have so you feel confident moving through your breastfeeding journey.

  • I educate you on how to have an abundant supply for your babe.

  • We will do a full physical assessment on your babe, and assess their growth and development pattern.

  • You will have the knowledge and skills required to meet all your breastfeeding goals.

  • 1 week of email or text support to help you master your new breastfeeding skills.

  • *Home visit available at additional fees of $130 flat rate (within 80kms of 3638)



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Deep Dive Package

Are you ready to find your flow in motherhood, Mumma? This is my signature package, and offers the most comprehensive level of education and support.

Learn about your babe’s feeding, sleep, development, health and MORE so you can understand and support you babe and love being a mum!

What’s included?

  • 90-minute consultation via Zoom, home visit* or at Aspire Options (Nathalia, VIC).

  • During the consultation, we dive deep into the key areas that impact baby and toddler wellbeing; sleep, health and development, feeding, and behaviour.

  • We explore all your sleep and settling concerns, and I educate you using my unique ‘5 Cs to Sleep’ ©, which simplifies the way you can understand your baby or toddlers sleep needs.

  • Following our consultation, you’ll be sent your comprehensive plan summarising the advice, strategies and recommendations tailored to you and your babe to assist you in overcoming your sleep concerns.

  • 2 weeks of email or text support (Monday to Friday) to help you implement the strategies and advice suggested in the plan, and offer a space to troubleshoot anything that comes up during the support period.

  • Prefer to go it alone? You can book the Deep Dive without the support period included.

  • *Home visit available at additional fees of $130 flat rate (within 80kms of 3638)

  • Fortnightly payment options available, get in touch to lock in $165 x 3 fortnightly payments.




Let’s Chat Mumma

Do you need to chat some things over Mumma? My Let’s Chat package is perfect for you! Whether you need 30 or 45-minutes for a chat over the phone, we will cover the key burning questions you have and create some clarity!

Whether you want to chat about sleep, feeding, behaviour, health and development or anything in between, I can offered evidenced-based, tailored and personalised advice ot help you through your parenting journey.

What’s included?

  • 30 or 45-minute consultation via Zoom, Face Time or over the phone.

  • During the consultation, I will answer your questions on anything relating to the early years, whether that be sleep, health and development, bottle-feeding, breastfeeding, introducing solids, toddler behaviour during the time booked.

  • This consult is perfect if you’re looking for some guidance, but don’t need a written plan or follow-up support, but rather just some clarity and pointers in the right direction.

  • The 30-minute consult is a $95 investment, and the 45-minute consult is a $145 investment.

  • This package allows you one email exchange with me following the consultation to follow-up on any questions you have.



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