Stories from my Mumma’s

Shepparton Sleep Consultant

Cleo and Melanie

“I’ll be honest - I wasn’t that convinced that a “sleep consultation” would do that much with our six-month-old daughter Cleo... But wow; I honestly can’t recommend Jen enough. 

Cleo was cat napping or not sleeping at all during the day and had started waking during the night (she had been sleeping through for months).

Getting Cleo to sleep would take hours of me rocking her to sleep, and she would often wake as soon as being put down. Cleo also wouldn’t settle for anyone else at sleep time. 

I could feel myself getting anxious, just thinking about putting Cleo to sleep. So I contacted Jen. 

Jens incredible ability to engage and explore our concerns without judgement is just what we needed. She took the time to listen to what we wanted to achieve. Jens tailored sleep plan, encouragement and handy tips saw a massive improvement in just a few days. 

Jen was understanding of our situation and supported us to explore a plan that would work best for our family.

Putting Cleo to bed is now a really special time to have a quiet cuddle before placing her in her cot with ease; my husband is also currently able to enjoy these precious moments with her too. 

We can’t thank Jen enough!”

Sunshine Coast Sleep Consultant

Rio and Bianca

Rio was waking anywhere from 2-3 times a night sometimes more and being fed or rocked to sleep. He is now falling asleep in his cot with minimal assistance from me, waking once around the 4:30 am mark and putting himself back to sleep and waking to start the day at 7 am happy in his cot (not waking crying at 5:45 am like usual). I haven’t feed him overnight at all nor BF him back to sleep. 

Not only are we all getting more sleep but his behaviour has also changed. You may remember I was concerned about him whining when I put him down, and I was carrying him around a lot because he would cry. I have noticed he is playing so much better and not whining when on the ground. 

Another thing I have noticed is he is eating about three times more in total- before this week he was very fussy and not keen on food, and I couldn’t feed him in public. This was a concern because he went from the 20th percentile to the 5th percentile so not great. He isn’t getting his full belly overnight, so he is hungry now during the day. I could go on. But it’s just exciting that it’s been a flow-on effect not only helping our sleep but helping his development and happiness (and ours). 

This has changed our home life as you can imagine!

I wish I did it sooner, but I really needed to be consistent firm and ready otherwise I knew it wouldn’t be a lasting thing. Thank you!”

Echuca Sleep Consultant

Fin and Gemma

“Well, it’s hard to put into words what you did for us, Jen!

It was beyond amazing!

We went from zero sleep, multiple wakings, bottle after bottle to a self-settled baby that now only wakes up once a night in a 12-hour sleep, but settles very quickly.

I forgot how good it feels to have a good nights sleep and enjoy our evenings again!

We can’t thank you enough Jen for all your help, support, encouragement and passion for what you do!

I was feeling pretty lost and exhausted when I made that call to you, but you helped me to turn it around completely!”

Yarrawonga Sleep Consultant

Winnie and Elli

“We cannot thank you enough for supporting us with not only Winnie’s sleep but also with her day to day routine.

Your gentle and calm approach fits perfectly with our parenting style which made making those small changes so easy.

⠀Jen, your ongoing love and guidance for our babe, is very much appreciated.

We wish we had called you sooner!”