Sleep Expectations: 9-12-month-old sleep

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Sleep Expectations for the 9-12-month old baby


Video Notes


In my latest video, I am exploring some things that impact the way your baby may be sleeping!

1. Gross motor skill development: your baby is becoming a mover and a groove, how cool!

You may notice that all these fresh new skills play out at sleep. Babies love to practice their new skills at sleep time so you may find your baby starting to test out the fact that they can now stand in there cot!

2. Separation anxiety- often at this age group, parents begin commenting on the fact that their baby is distressed upon separation. You may notice this anxiety when you leave the room when you drop them off to a carer or at sleep time.

This is a very normal developmental process but can be difficult for parents when it plays out at bedtime and eats into precious sleep for all!

There are lots you can do to help ease separation anxiety with your babe, so reach out to me if you're keen to create a plan to help your babe through this time.

3. Overnight feeds- by nine months, if your baby is eating three meals a day plus having water and milk throughout the day, they don't require milk feeds overnight (from a calorie perspective).

Many parents choose to continue night-feeding as a settling tool. If this is you, there is no issue. If you're a parent who is looking to ease off night feeds because you're finding it impacts daytime eating, or you hope to encourage independent sleep, there are ways to wean off night feeds in a kind and gentle way, and this age bracket is a perfect time to do so!

4. Self-settling- it is possible for your baby to link sleep cycles independently day and night by this age group if their offered opportunity to learn there own settling skills. It is possible to achieve this in a way that is kind to your baby and developmentally appropriate and is a great goal to work for during this age bracket.

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