Breastfeeding a Newborn: Days 1-2

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Breastfeeding a Newborn: Part One


Breastfeeding a Newborn: What to expect in the first 2 days.


My video today is exploring what breastfeeding may look like for you in the first two days of life!

Day One:

Most babies will want a feed shortly after birth, usually within the first hour or so after birth. The best thing you can do from the get go is ensure attachment to the breast is perfect. Poor attachment puts you at risk for a host of breastfeeding issue, plus your baby won’t get the milk they need, so make it your number one priority to get it spot on.

The first 24 hours may see you offering loads of skin-to-skin with your baby while he or she learns to breastfeed.

Every baby is different, some will breastfeed with ease, while others may take time to learn the skill! Be patient and practice!

A lot of babies will have a really long sleep after their initial feed (up to 8 hours!) This is normal, I mean, birth is kind of a big deal!

Some babies come out sleepy and not eager to feed straight after birth. This may be sure to mum having pain relief in labour, baby being premature (37 weeks), tongue or lip tie, health or development issues or thumb suckers in utero. If your baby doesn’t attach well to the breast, hand expressing your colostrum and offering via a cup or syringe is the best way to get your milk into your babe in these scenarios!

Day Two:

Hello feeding frenzy! Between 24-48 hours of age, your baby often wants to fed frequently! This is a normal part of your breastfeeding journey, and something health professional refer to as ‘cluster feeding’.

Your babe has a tiny tummy, and they need to feed frequently to fill that little tum of theres. Offer the breast as often as your baby needs, this is all helping build your supply and allowing your babe to grow and thrive!

Correct positioning and attachment is crucial during this period to prevent breastfeeding problems. Poor attachment causes nipple damage and prevents your baby from getting the milk they need. This means an unsettled baby and an unhappy mummy!

Cluster feeding helps to bring in your milk, so feed away knowing your mature milk is just around the corner!

I hope this video has helped give you an idea about the ‘typical’ first two days of breastfeeding!

What did your first 2 days of breastfeeding look like?


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