My thoughts on cry-it-out method of sleep training

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Cry-it-out method- is it really the only way to improve baby and toddler sleep?


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What is the cry-it-out method?

There are two forms of cry-it-out most commonly used: cry-it-out (extinction method), or modified cry-it-out.

Cry-it-out- this method involves putting your child to sleep, saying goodnight, and leaving the room only to return in the morning. Using this method, you ignore all cries, with the aim to ‘teach’ your baby to settle without any parental involvement.

Modified cry-it-out- involves putting your baby or toddler to bed, and offering increasingly longer increments away from your child i.e. 2 minutes, 4 minutes, 6 minutes etc. with the aim of your baby or toddler settling themselves to sleep.

So should I use cry-it-out to settle my baby or toddler to sleep?

In short? No. My belief is that there are SO many other ways to improve the way your baby or toddler sleeps without leaving them to cry-it-out and be alone in their emotions.

I created this video because it is Infant Mental Health Awareness week in Australia, and so I wanted to make the most out of the week by discussing ways to promote good mental health for your babe.

The Australian Association for Infant Mental Health have released a position statement on Controlled Crying which you can access here.

These guys are the leaders and experts in how we can best promote optimal mental health for our baby and toddler, and why we should all be caring so much about ensuring our kids have good emotional and social health.

So how can I improve my baby or toddlers sleep without cry-it-out?

My suggestion is to get in touch with a sleep consultant (like myself— shameless plug!) and discussing what methods they use to support families in finding more sleep, and ensuring they use methods that suit your family and your child!

There shouldn’t be a cookie cutter approach applied to improving baby and toddler sleep, yet sadly in the industry there still seems to be that view.

I offer free 10-minute consultations where we can discuss your goals for your baby and toddler, your parenting style and your values and we work out if I am the right fit for your family to improve your child’s sleep.

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