Do I need to sleep train my baby or toddler?

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Do I need to sleep train my baby or toddler?


Video Notes


Have you ever googled or thought about whether you need to sleep train your baby to get them to sleep better? Well if that question has crossed your mind then make sure you watch this video because I'm talking about the scenarios in which you might need to sleep train or where perhaps it's not the right thing for you.

Now for the purpose of this video, I'm going to be using the term 'sleep training', however I don’t personally believe we need to “train” babies to sleep. However, what we can do is gently guide them and allow them some opportunity to practice being able to learn ways to sleep that is independent of mum and dad and doesn't require you to come in every time they make a noise to help them get back to sleep. This is okay to do and is biologically reasonable to achieve without having to train or do anything outrageous like cry it out. I did a video on the whole cry it out technique of sleep training , so make sure to check that out. For the purpose of this video we will use the term 'sleep training', but know that it's not my jam and that it's not what is required to help your little person sleep.

Okay so, 'should I sleep train my baby' scenario number one. If you have an issue with what is going on, how often your baby or toddler is waking, or if you're not finding that the way your settling your child to sleep is conducive for quality sleep for both you and your baby and you've had enough then perhaps sleep training is for you.

I always say to families that it's not a problem unless it's a problem for you. So even though the neighbour next door might be telling you that you shouldn't be doing things this way and that it's not the best way for your baby to sleep, at the end of the day if it doesn't bother you it sure as hell doesn't bother me and it sure as hell should not bother your neighbour.

So the moral of the story is no, you shouldn't sleep train your baby or your toddler if it's not actually causing you a problem. My job exists for the families who it is causing a problem, and it's no longer suitable or appropriate for their situation.

Okay, scenario number two as to whether you need to sleep train your baby. A lot of the time, babies and toddlers don't need to be sleep trained as a lot of change and improvement comes by looking at all the other areas that impact sleep.

When I talk to families about sleep, I talk about the Triple C Approach. What this framework covers is Clean Sleeping (which I cover in my free guide on the website-- make sure you download it guys!), Consistency and Rhythms and Calm Settling. Together, these three pillars are what produces and promotes quality sleep. So often I have seen amazing improvements just in focusing on clean sleeping and the consistency and the rhythms of the day, meaning that 'sleep training' isn't even required!

So the third scenario and the final one is that if you have addressed everything, that is, you know you have addressed all things Clean Sleeping, you have your Consistency and Rhythms covered, and you’re mentally ‘over’ the sleeping situation you have, then it may be time to look at how you're settling your baby or toddler and discover whether there are other ways to settle your babe, so they don't require your full input at sleep time.

Contrary to popular belief, this can be achieved in such a way that's gentle, kind and respectful of their development and it changes based on how old your child is. A young baby is going to be capable of a lot less than what a toddler is able to do in terms of settling.

So, sleep training isn't a bad thing if it's required and if a family needs it and wants it and if it's done in a way that's respectful of the child and the family's parenting values.

Anyway, that's it for me for this video. I hope that it's helped you to consider whether the need for sleep training fits you and your family and if that's where you guys are at and if it is then I would love to be able to help you, so make sure to drop me a comment, get in touch with me here


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