Positive Play Ideas for Toddlers

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Positive Play Ideas for Toddlers


Video Notes


In my latest video, I am exploring my top 5 play ideas to promote positive play!

1. Forget the toys with all the bells and whistles: as cool as the toys that sing, twirl and stand upside down look, they actually are the least likely to promote imaginary and positive play in your toddler.

If your child's toy is doing all the entertaining, it leaves little to the imagination of a toddler.

Think about it, what does your child love more, the toy? Or the box it comes in?

2. Try and choose toys that mimic everyday life: your toddler loves doing what they see you do daily, so use that to your advantage, Mumma!

If you're doing some cleaning, give your toddler their own mop and bucket to mimic your activity.

If you're cooking, let them have their own ingredients so they can bake too.

Your toddler role models your behaviour, and so allowing them to copy what you do sparks imagination and joy!

3. Have baskets of toys wherever you are: it can be tough to get things done sometimes when you have a toddler wanting your attention.

One of the best things you can do to help you get your jobs done is to have baskets of toys, colouring in or activities for your toddler to do to keep them busy.

Whether you're trying to get some office work done, or you're in the car en route somewhere, bring toys that spark their imagination and watch the positive play unfold.

4. Make pack-up fun: what toddler, child (or adult!) likes to pack up? Sometimes it's in our delivery that can lead to the defiance.

Try and make it fun! Suggest that you race to see who can pack up first, or put on a song and try and beat the song!

5. Set up play stations the night before: no, I don't mean the electronic games!

What I am referring to is setting up play areas for your kids before you go to bed.

When they wake up and see their toys set up, they gravitate towards them and get stuck into pretend play right off the bat!

You can even create new play areas after nap time to keep things interesting.


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